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USB3.0 Vision Cables

  • U3 Vision cable USB 3.0 A to Micro B machine camera Cables 1.8M With Thumbscrew
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    Product Features:USB 3.0 camera link is a machine vision standard specification using the USB 3.0 interface. It is a world standard specification set up by three standardization bodies, AIA-EMVANJIIA. Now many PC standard USB3.0 interface, it will become the standard camera interface in the future.
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USB 3.0 camera link cable is constructed by high shield USB 3.0 high speed cable, assemblied with industrial level USB 3.0 A and Micro B connector at each end, Overall foil and braid shielded provides EMI/RFI protection , twisted pair construction helps to minimize cross talk, super high-speed, and error-free transmission,and the cable with ferrite core,it's better for anti-jamming element in electronic circuits and has a good suppression effect on high-frequency noise.  they offer high performance for industrial USB3.0 camera, Scanners, Storage drives...

Customized Cable Length: 0.2 - 10m

U3 Vision cable USB 3.0  A to Micro B machine camera Cables 1.8M With Thumbscrew

U3 Vision cable USB 3.0  A to Micro B machine camera Cables 1.8M With Thumbscrew


Brand Himatch Model No. See Code Conductor: TC
Cable: 9 cores Wire: 28AWG Insulation: FMPE 
Jacket: PVC Cable OD: 6.0mm Color: Black
Cable shape Round Using for CCD Camera UL Verified: Yes
Voltage: 30V Bending:   OEM/ODM: Yes

Style Standard cable High Flex cable
Cable UL UL758 Style:20276
Temperature 80°C
Voltage 30V
Jacket Material Oil Resistance PVC
Color Black Black/Purple
OD 6.0mm 6.0mm /7.1mm
Flamability VW-1
Finished Product Conn Option A / Micro B A / Micro B
Conn Color Black Black/Purple

Connector Cable Series
Type Shape Screw Mating Direction ②Conn Code
③Conn Code
USB 3.0 A Straight No - A O O
Yes - AS O O
Right Angle No Left AL O O
No Right AR O O
USB 3.0 B Straight No - B O O
MICRO B Straight No - MB O O
Yes - MBS O O
Right Angle Yes Up MBSU O O
Yes Down MBSD O O
Yes Left MBSL O O
Yes Right MBSR O O


Special design,reasonable structure
Good material, environmental protection
Low loss, low crossing, low delay
Good impedance feature

To provide up to 5 GBP/s super fast data transfer rate ;
Overlapping injection, not easy broken, durable, ensure error-free data transmission ;


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Security Camera Extension
Digital Signal and TV wall

Industrial CCD scaner

Industrial vision inspection system

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