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Camera Link Cable

  • Full Double Shield SDR 26 Cable Right Angle Up / Down Mini camera Cable 10 Meters
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    Product Features:Notes before order Please select the suitable cable base on the specification and performance of the camera. The Camera Link cable have CL (no power supply) and PoCL (Power over Camera Link). Camera Link Configuration : In Full and Medium mode , use 2 wires . The movable cable used for fixing will not have any problems . However, the fixing cable is NOT allow used for movable applications.
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Camera link cable, Mini camera link cable series are built of high quality shield cable cable with Honda® Shrunk Delta Ribbon connector at each end., special deisgn Angled up, or angled down, let the cable be easier for installation in small place, assembly thumbscrew which passed salt spray testing 48 hours. These support outstanding quality, durability, and high performance for industrial CCD camera with SDR receptacle.

Connection Type:

MDR to MDR (straight or right angle)

SDR to SDR (straight or right angle)

MDR to SDR (straight or right angle)


Customized Cable Length: 0.5-15m


Brand Himatch Model No. See Code Conductor TC
Cores 11P+2C Guage: 28AWG Insulation FEP/PE
Jacket Lead Free PVC Cable OD 8.0, 9.7 Color Black
Cable Round For CCD Certification UL
Voltage 30V Bending 8 millions OEM Yes



Special design,reasonable structure
Good material, environmental protection
Low loss, low crossing, low delay
Good impedance feature

Intra skews : 15ps/m, inter skews 50ps/m

Overall foil and braid shielded provides EMI/RFI protection

Life time: bending cycles 8 millions 

RoHS and REACH compliant


frame grabber

Industrial CCD camera

Industrial vision inspection system

Towed Cable wiring

In order to keep the good bending performance of the robot cable, improve the cable’s life time, and let the data transmission more stable, and prevent the accidental occurrence of the broken wire, it is very important obey the towing points

Bending radius.

The bending radius of the towed cable should be as big as possible. Recommended that the cable should be set ≥ 8D (D is the outer diameter of the cable)

Tow chain installation.

In the placement of towed cables, cables need to be tiled, cables can not be crossed or overlapped;

Select the tow chain with enough space to ensure that the cable occupies less than 30% space;

Install as many partitions as possible to avoid interference between cables.

Cable length

If the cable is too short and the cable is always tight in the drag chain, the cable jacket will be worn out because of the friction between the cable and the drag chain;

If the cable is too long, then the cable will be slack in the drag chain, also because of the friction between the cables, the jacket also will be wear and tear.

Both of the above will shorten the service life of the cable, please select the most appropriate cable length.

Full Double Shield SDR 26 Cable  Right Angle Up / Down Mini camera Cable 10 MetersFull Double Shield SDR 26 Cable  Right Angle Up / Down Mini camera Cable 10 Meters

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