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SDR Cable

  • Camera Link cable
  • Product Type: 20247
    Product Features:Easy to use, plug and play, connecting flexible, independent power supplyconnecting flexible, independent power supply
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HiMATCH Power over Camera Link® (PoCL) Cable Assemblies carry power in addition to signal to 
enable use in base configuration Power over Camera Link applications. The 0 .80mm digital camera PoCL
 Cable Assemblies are available in a variety of cable lengths and mate to industry standard Shrunk Delta 
Ribbon (SDR) 26-position PoCL camera connections.
· Connects between Mini-Camera Link style (SDR) I/O ports on PoCL Cameras and Camera Link style (MDR) ports on PoCL 
· Both straight , 3 shielded quads and 6 unshielded twisted pairs.
· Entire cable bundle shielded with foil and braid for additional signal protection.
· Rugged ribbon type contact for reliable, repeatable connectivity.
· Thumbscrew retention
· EMI shielded end-to-end for reduced emissions.
· Industrial Control
· Factory Automation
· Machine Vision
· Digital Camera Cables are primarily used in machine vision applications for the connection
 between the camera and the framegrabber.
· Use in other LVDS signaling applications is also possible.
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