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MDR 50pin Cable

  • MDR 50pin Cable
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Product NameMDR 50Pin Cable

Model No.H-50M-50M-1000-K

SpecificationsCable assembly with high density connector with 1.27mm (0.050-inch) spacing
Conforms to the American national standards institute (ANSI) specification
Choice of bracket configurations includes: latch only or without rails and latch 
All plastic type available in 14, 20, 26, 36, 50, 50, 68,100 positions
Insulator is made of polyester resin and glass fiber reinforced (UL 94-0) providing superior heat and chemical resistance
Application to miniaturized electronic equipment such as personal computers, facsimiles, and other OA equipment
Recognized UL under the component program of Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated, file number E112081

    Rated current: 1A
    Insulation resistance: 500MΩ (minimum
    Contact resistance: 35mΩ (maximum)
    Dielectric withstanding voltage: 250V AC (for one minute)
    Operating temperatures: -25 to 85°C

    Insulator material: PBT with glass fiber reinforced (UL 94V-0)
    Contact material: phosphor bronze

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