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Camera link cable & industrial cable assembly & industrial connector manufacturer, supplier, factory, wholesale China

Cable Assembly & Connector Manufacturer

With 20 years’ experience of cable and connector,we provide professional & reliable solution for Industrial automation, Information technology, Consumer electronics, Medical equipment, Home Entertainment And So On.

Specialized In Customized

Abundant experience and professional technology of manufacturing mid / High quality Industrial Cable and Connector, can meet different demand of various industrial products.

Customized By Drawing And Sample

In-house factory and out-sourcing support highly match your special requirements. Connection is a bridge, can change the world, connection is a medium, can warm the heart. We will continue to develop to warm the heart and change the world.

What we are making

Cable Series

Modern industry is inseparable from high-reliability cable and connectors. Industrial cable products have been widely used in various scenarios, such as: industrial automation & sensors, medical systems, network communications, temperature control & air conditioning, rail transit, ships & Marine Engineering, Test & Measurement Equipment.

Connector series

Precision Connectors: USB C watertight connector, Type C Receptacle, Type C Plug, 1.27mm spring load connector, circular connector.


We offer our customers a full range of services

Development & Design

Our Engineers work closely with customers to understand their needs and expectations, and then uses the latest design tools and technologies to create innovative products that meet market trends.


We provide engineering and rapid prototyping of new product introduction for customers. Customers can see and feel what the actual product will look like after design. This is also an important step before production.


Cooperate with vendor, we can quickly and accurately produce the product mold to meet the production needs of the product.


Our production team will use the best quality raw materials and the most advanced production equipment to produce high-quality products according to strict quality control standards.

Why Choose Us

Himatch, Highly Match your requirement of Industrial cable & Connector

Choosing a reliable supplier is one of the key factors of business success. Our company is a professional production and sales of Industrial cable & Connector, with many years of industry experience and excellent team. We can be your best partner.

We use high quality raw materials and advanced equipment to ensure the quality and performance of our industrial cable and connector. our products have undergone strict quality testing in line with international standards and customer requirements.

We have a professional production team and management system that can ensure production efficiency and on-time delivery.

We have a professional research and development team, constantly improve products, track market dynamics and customer feedback.

We provide flexible pricing strategies and preferential policies to maximize the cost performance.

Full range of services: consulting, quotation, contract, delivery, after-sales service, etc., to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship.

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