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Camera cable USB 3.0 full speed 5Gbps Cable A to Micro B Up / Down angled with Screw Locking

USB 3.0 camera cable oem factory from China. We provide high Quality, low cost camera cable, fast delivery can support customer urgent demand.The USB 3.0 camera cable 5Gbps was constructed by UL verified full shield cable with USB IF Verified USB 3.0 A plug and Micro B plug, make robust overmold, Up or Down angle Micro B connector built Screw lock.

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USB 3.0 camera cable full speed 5Gbps as a Vision cable, we constructed the cable byUL verified full shield cable with USB IF Verified USB 3.0 A plug and Micro Bplug, make robust overmold, the Micro B end Up or Dowan Angled design and Screw lock.Helps the cable can be easy installation in limited spece. They offer outstandingquality and high performance for USB 3.0 Camera.

Standard USB 3.0 camera cable Transmit Speed Max 5Gpbs
Installation mode Static Install radius (Min) 25mm
Wire gauge 28AWG Cable OD 5.5mm
Jacket Material PVC Current 3A
Operation Temperature -25°C ~+ 80°C Max Length 5m


Support high speed data transmission 5Gbps

100% electronically tested for functionality

Overall foil and braid shielded provides EMI/RFI protection

RoHS and REACH compliant


Machine vision connection

Produc tstesting

Image recognition

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