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DVI D Single Link 18+1 24+1Cable

DVI Cable OEM manufacturer made the DVI DSingle Link cable by Double shielded braid and foil cable and quality DVI 18+1 connector at both end, robust over molded with Screw locking.Theyoffer high Performance of video data transmission.

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DVI Cable DVI D Single Link cable are high performance cable supports Ultra highdefinition video plus multi-channel audio in a single cable. Built of UL verified full shielded braid and foil cable and quality DVI 18+1 or DVI 24+1 connector atboth end, robust overmolded with Screw locking.


Quality DVI Extension Cable manufacturer from China. Himatch built the cable by Double shielded braid and foil cable and quality  D Single Link 18+1 Connector Male to Male, robust overmolded with Screw locking.They offer high Performance of video data transmission…

Wire Gauge:28awg,26awg 24awgConductorTinned CopperInsulationPVC
DVIDVI D 24+1, 18+1ColorBlackCableRound DVI
Operation Temperature-25°C ~+ 80°CVoltage80VForDisplay TV, set box


Single channel DVI interface, support up to 10.2Gbpsbandwidth;

Thinner, lighter and softer than conventional coppercable ;

No radiation, and highly resistant with EMI;


Security systems

Home Theater ;

Conference Room Video Equipment;;

Game Consoles and Computer

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