Our service goal is to provide customers with a one-stop solution, from product design to production, we will participate in the whole process, to ensure the quality of the product and delivery time.


Our procurement team has the rich experience and expertise to find the best quality raw materials and components worldwide to ensure the quality and cost effectiveness of our products.

Development & Design

Our Engineers work closely with customers to understand their needs and expectations, and then uses the latest design tools and technologies to create innovative products that meet market trends.


We provide engineering and rapid prototyping of new product introduction for customers. Customers can see and feel what the actual product will look like after design. This is also an important step before production.


Cooperate with vendor, we can quickly and accurately produce the product mold to meet the production needs of the product.


Our production team will use the best quality raw materials and the most advanced production equipment to produce high-quality products according to strict quality control standards.


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We always believe that high quality products come from high quality raw materials, and we choose world-class material suppliers to ensure that the products can withstand high temperature, high pressure, high strength and other harsh environment, to ensure the safety and durability of the products.

1. Reduced the procurement costs by purchasing raw materials on a big volume.
2. Optimized the production process and improved the production efficiency.
3. Strengthened the quality management and reduced the defective rate and repair rate of the products.
These measures help us to save costs and control the price of products to provide customers with better service.

Common lead time is 3-4 weeks, we are able to flexibly adjust the production plan according to customer needs, and timely respond to customer changes.

We provide customized service for customers. Our team has professional technology and abundant experience, can fully understand the needs and expectations of customers, tailored to customers, from material choosing, construction, design, testing, making, packing and delivery.

We are an ISO9001 qualified professional cable assembly manufacturer with 20 years’ experience, Himatch continuous to provide high quality products and cooperate with different customers from all over the world,OEM &ODM projects available.

With professional ability and considerate service, we won high reputation, trust and long-term partnerships from many well-known customers all over the world. Such as from Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia of Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Israel and so on

Bending radius.
The bending radius of the towed cable should be as big as possible. Recommended that the cable should be set ≥ 8D (D is the outer diameter of the cable).
Tow chain installation.
In the placement of towed cables, cables need to be tiled, cables can not be crossed or overlapped;
Select the tow chain with enough space to ensure that the cable occupies less than 30% space;
Install as many partitions as possible to avoid interference between cables.
Cable length
If the cable is too short and the cable is always tight in the drag chain, the cable jacket will be worn out because of the friction between the cable and the drag chain;
If the cable is too long, then the cable will be slack in the drag chain, also because of the friction between the cables, the jacket also will be wear and tear.
Both of the above will shorten the service life of the cable, please select the most appropriate cable length.

Slide Moving Testing (Drag Chain)

Bending Radius R=28mm,50mm
Speed 88 cycles/ Min
Distance L=500mm/ cycle(1000mm/cycle)
Testing Quantity n=3 pcs

Bending Testing

Bending Angle ±90°
Bending Radius R=25mm
Hang Weight G=500g
Speed 47 times/ Min
Testing Quantity n=3 pcs

Torsion Testing
Twist angle ±180°
Cable length L=400mm
Fixing Distance L’=395mm
Testing Speed 63 times/ Min

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