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USB 3.0 Cable CM to CM Charging and data Cable PD Profile 3

USB3.0 fast charging cable made of shielded cable with reversible USBIF verified built in E-mark C connector at both end,robust molding,nicebraiding,offered nice visual,outstanding quality,widely used for datacommunication,Video transmission,and Power Charge function.

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PD Cable USB3.0 5Gbps cable provider. Himatch make this USB 3.0 fast charging cable byshielded cable with reversible USB IF verified built in E-mark C connector atboth end,robust molding,nice braiding,offered nice visual,outstandingquality,widely used for data communication, Video transmission, and PowerCharge function.

StandardUSB 3.0 cableTransmit Speed Max5Gpbs
Wire gauge28AWGCable OD4.5mm
Jacket MaterialPVCMax Watt20V/5A
Operation Temperature-25°C ~+ 80°CMax Length2m


Reversible typeC connector

Fast charging:20V ≤ 5A and 100W power

High Speed5Gbps transmission rate

Supports display output

Universal interface for small devices


Cell phones



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