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USB Type C Cable C Male to Type C Female Extension Charging Cable

USB Type C cable, C to C Female Extension cable is USB 3.0 standard charging cable,was built by quality shielded cable with USB IF verified Type C Male and Female .Used for convert charging cellphone, Tablet,and other portable devices with Type C port.

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USB 3.0 A to Micro B AOC Hybrid cable compensate for normal USB3.0 active fiber cable ‘s defect that can’t supply power to device,it integrate cooper to achieve the purpose of supplying power to device. The length of USB3.0 hybrid cable can be extended up to 50m.


AOC Cable

Transmit Speed Max


Installation mode


Install radius (Min)

Static: 15mm ;Dynamic: 30mm

Wire gauge

Hybrid Optical Copper Cable

Cable OD


Operation Temperature

-25°C ~+ 80°C

Max Length



Ultra long distance signal transmission

High flexible cable

Long bending life time 15 millions

Slight cable


Ultra long distance Camera link

Ultra Long distance cabling

Ultra Long distance video transmission.

Long distance computer connection.

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