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UHD 4K 60Hz Slim DisplayPort Cable

Slim Displayport 1.4 cable supports ultra high definition 4Kx2K video plus multi-channel audio in a single cable. Built of UL qualified Double shielded braid + foil cable with slim Displayport shielded connector without latches at both ends.

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Support multi-stream and display resolutions up to 4K (Ultra HD) at 60Hz. 
Supports Display port V1.2 (4K @ 60Hz, 18 Gbps, 26 AWG)
DisplayPort cables RBR, HBR (High Bit Rate), and HBR2 (High Bit Rate 2), which can support 4K at 60Hz, or up to four 1080p displays using multi-stream.
High Quality Display port connector with spring hook
UL certified high quality shielded cable


Provides an uncompressed digital ink between consumer electronics equipment.
Ethernet & Audio Return Channel – Eliminate all network & audio cables between devices 100% electronically tested for functionality,Double shielded braid shielding ensure the ultimate video experience, prevents interference and signal degradation.
RoHS and REACH compliant


DisplayPort Source device, such as a PC or laptop, and any DisplayPort monitor.
You can also use a standard DisplayPort cable between a PC and a multi-stream hub, or between daisy-chainable multi-stream monitors.

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