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USB4 Cable

The USB4 Cable is the latest generation of USB (Universal Serial Bus) technology, offering high-speed data transfer, video, and power delivery capabilities. It provides a versatile and efficient connectivity solution for a wide range of devices.

Specifications of USB4 Cable

Specification Details
Cable Type USB4 Cable
Connector Types USB Type-C connectors
Data Transfer Rates Up to 40 Gbps
Power Delivery Up to 100W
Video Support 8K resolution
Cable Length Different lengths available
Shielding Enhanced shielding for signal integrity

Types of USB4 Cable

Type Description
USB4 Gen 3×1 10 Gbps data transfer rate
USB4 Gen 3×2 20 Gbps data transfer rate
USB4 Gen 3×3 40 Gbps data transfer rate

Material of USB4 Cable

Material Description
Cable Jacket High-quality, durable materials for flexibility
Connector Housing Robust materials ensuring longevity
Shielding Enhanced shielding for signal integrity

Applications of USB4 Cable

USB4 Cables find applications in various scenarios, including:

  • High-Speed Data Transfer: Connecting external drives, SSDs, and other high-bandwidth devices.
  • Video Connectivity: Supporting high-resolution video output.
  • Power Delivery: Charging laptops, tablets, and other compatible devices.
  • Peripheral Connectivity: Connecting a wide range of USB-enabled peripherals.

Features of USB4 Cable

  • High Data Transfer Rates: Offers up to 40 Gbps for fast and efficient data transfer.
  • Video Support: Capable of delivering high-quality video, including 8K resolution.
  • Power Delivery: Provides power up to 100W for charging devices.
  • Backward Compatibility: Compatible with previous USB generations.
  • Daisy-Chaining: Supports daisy-chaining multiple devices.

Advantages of USB4 Cable

  • Versatility: Supports various data, video, and power delivery requirements.
  • High Performance: Enables high-speed data transfer and video output.
  • Universal Connectivity: USB Type-C connectors ensure compatibility.
  • Future-Proof: Designed to meet evolving connectivity needs.

Working Principle of USB4 Cable

USB4 operates by combining data, video, and power delivery capabilities over a single cable. It uses USB Type-C connectors and supports the Thunderbolt 3 protocol, providing a versatile and high-performance connectivity solution.

How to Make USB4 Cable

The manufacturing process involves:

  • Cable Assembly: Proper assembly of cables with USB Type-C connectors.
  • Connector Attachment: Attaching the USB Type-C connectors to each end of the cable.
  • Testing: Rigorous testing for signal integrity, compatibility, and reliability.

Why Choose Us

  • Expertise: Extensive experience in designing and manufacturing USB cables.
  • Customization: Tailoring cables to meet specific client requirements.
  • Quality Assurance: Stringent quality control measures for reliable performance.
  • Innovation: Keeping pace with the latest USB technology developments.

How to Choose USB4 Cable

Consider the following factors when selecting a USB4 cable:

  • Data Transfer Needs: Choose the appropriate data transfer rate (Gen 3×1, Gen 3×2, Gen 3×3).
  • Power Delivery: Consider power delivery requirements for charging devices.
  • Cable Length: Select the length suitable for your specific use case.
  • Device Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with your devices and peripherals.

FAQs about USB4 Cable

  1. Q: Is USB4 backward compatible with older USB versions?
    • A: Yes, USB4 is backward compatible with USB 3.2, USB 2.0, and other older USB versions.
  2. Q: What is the maximum data transfer rate of USB4?
    • A: USB4 supports data transfer rates up to 40 Gbps.
  3. Q: Can USB4 deliver power to laptops and other devices?
    • A: Yes, USB4 can deliver up to 100W of power for charging compatible devices.
  4. Q: Does USB4 support video output?
    • A: Yes, USB4 supports high-resolution video output, including 8K resolution.
  5. Q: Can I use USB4 cables for external storage devices?
    • A: Yes, USB4 cables are suitable for connecting external drives and storage devices.
  6. Q: Is USB4 the same as Thunderbolt 4?
    • A: USB4 incorporates Thunderbolt 3 technology, providing similar capabilities, but they are not identical.
  7. Q: What devices are compatible with USB4?
    • A: Many modern laptops, tablets, and peripherals are compatible with USB4.
  8. Q: Can I daisy-chain multiple devices using USB4?
    • A: Yes, USB4 supports daisy-chaining, allowing you to connect multiple devices in a chain.
  9. Q: Are USB4 cables available in different lengths?
    • A: Yes, USB4 cables are available in various lengths to suit different connectivity needs.
  10. Q: Can USB4 support dual 4K displays?
    • A: Yes, USB4 has the capability to support dual 4K displays or a single 8K display

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